Monday, 3 May 2010

Low Grav

Just finished a rather long work shift thats lasted since the day after i got back from newcastle so besides a couple of receipt drawings I've not done much else.

Decided to colour a concept on scrotoshop. It's a deer like creature thats evolved on a planet with a much lower level of gravity than our own. Most of my fauna concepts lately have almost strictly adhered to the anatomy and proportions of african mega mammals, usually quadruped and bulky in there most fundamental state.

So now I will try doing some things that are even more alien, Helium propelled life forms and giant primative invertebrates that exist on planets with a much more oxygen saturated atmosphere... so many ideas too lazy to jot them all down..


  1. im likein what im seein my man! i knew u had a vivid imagination but raaaa! youve surprised me! u seem to have expanded in the way of concept with your surrealist imagery. totally on the other end of the spectrum! i suggest a dude called Matt Pyke. Not a concepual designer or illustrator, but i think itl be up your street in the ways of aesthetics and composition! i always look to him to expand my MIND!! well that and beer...:) lemme no wot ya think! cu out for a beer soon bro!

  2. Thanks mate i will check out matt pyke in a bit.

    yeah we got to meet up for a drink, ill give you shout soon mofo.