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Watermun Rig

I decided to scale back the scope of Veteran a bit to bring it out of the 'blue sky' phase. I chose the concept that captured my imagination the most and began writing lots of world building fluff expanding upon what was in the concept.

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Veteran, Beasts of Burden.

The colonists of Veteran quickly learnt that dependence on technology could sometimes inhibit progress. Many colonists observed local fauna in action and came to respect the indigenous creatures adaptations to their environment. Seeing potential in these creatures, domestication began to follow. 

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Element Games

Did some design stuff for work.

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Hail King.

In the gloom of early morning they crept past the King.

With rifles drawn in a low stoop, they did their best to make their way along the regular morning route.

The King shuddered sharply, internal sensory organs attempting pick up a scent. With a frustrated spasm and a low mewling rumble the great beast resumed its fruitless hunt.

The two figures barely breathed, holding back crouched down, they waited for the King to disappear back into the mist.

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first post for 2017, 2016 was a slow year for concept design and illustration, I've stopped making promises and goals for my self these days when it comes to painting, the lack of commitment to a project might be healthier.

More designs for the Blue Sky project, I call the world 'Veteran'. For now I imagine it as an Earth-like world dotted with the remains of an ancient civilisation. After the initial discovery boom most of the archaeological teams gave up in frustration when after thirty years, the teams had made no progress with finding out who this mysterious civilisation were. In the mean time, the planet plays host to a nomadic society of sheep farmers and the occasional party of pirates looking to lay low or waste down time.