Monday, 24 May 2010

beasts and a wier

Just been concentrating on the creature concepts again, nothing new to report really. Here in england were having some amazing weather so it's been BBQ's pretty much all the time.

Went swimming in the local park the other day and jumped off a wier, bashed my foot of a rock and had to go A'n'E..


  1. Whoa! Looking sharp. I love the patterning on the top creature. The hood on the lower one looks really cool too. The science-y guy in me wants to know what it evolved for. Camouflage? Sexual display?

    Sorry about your foot, happy about the bbq's.

  2. Thanks Glendon.

    The hood is a protective peice, but the colour and texture act as a form of partial camoflauge as it inhabits a speciic habitat.

    Periculosus Ingredior.

    A smaller inhabitant of the nutrient plains that can be found hiding within the shadows of the organic archi structures that dot the surface of the landscape.

    P.Ingredior is a waste feeder that adapted to feeding on the discharge of the larger grazing fauna, taking advantage of an undisputed source has allowed these creatures to reproduce at a much more prolific rate, and form a staple part in many of the numerous micro predator diets that can be found through out the nutrient plains and marsh lands.

    Mating requires the male, female and the third required sex known as the Abael, a surrogate mother that carries the fertilised eggs, giving birth in a viviaparious process.

    Typically attains two centimeters in length with the Abael reaching one and a half inches.