Friday, 14 May 2010

Scavenger and RoR

Just another fauna concept. Theres been some recent changes with the team at Realms of Renth, though it meant a sad departure of a senior member it also means Im now in charge of the games conceptual design, a blessing and a curse, extra work, but also I can now imprint a greater sense of my own direction than I could before.

I'm probably going to be dedicating alot of my 'arty' time to RoR now, I've been working on the project in my own eratic manner for 4 years now. Though I've never been too fond of the projects capabilities for imaginative scope, Im going to change that.

Deloricatus, convergent cousins of the Loricatus genus, this beast is for the most part a gentle feeder of the nutrient plains. often sparesly dotted across rich plains in pods of up to 20 individuals. Though primarily evolved for absorbing the nutritious bounty that dominates the subtrate of the plains, D.Validus is also a scavenger, putting its feeding apparatus to good use by absorbing available fluids from any carcass encountered.


  1. Hi marco first of all nice concept, liking your pencil work, secondly thanks for the comments on my blog, thirdly, whats happend to realms of renth? I put some stuff up a while ago in the Dwarrow thread and it had no feedback and then havent heard from it since? who has left?

  2. Hi Dan, Macar has left, i was on a breather for a while and a few others dropped off the radar, if you fancy joining in again the dwarrow thread is now active again.

    Your welcome mate, you finished for summer now or do you have a few weeks left?