Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Sicily, Uni & Work

Wow its been a while since I've posted on here. I recently returned from Sicily where I stayed with family for a couple of weeks, a brilliant holiday and a great time spent with family both Sicilian and the family that came with me.

Whilst there I did a little drawing but at 33C inside the house it was just too hot to do anything worth while, I have a new found respect for artists that are actually able to flourish in countries as hot as there, its not easy.

September is inching closer and closer and I'm getting more excited about it, not only the thought of taking concept art seriously but also to a certain extent getting back into being a student, this past year has been very easy, I have to admit I have an easy job which I love (except for the customer interaction bit, Im a little anti social when it comes to that part) (Also I dont love the job because its easy, I love it because its relevant to me) but I also feel quite isolated, for the most part Ive spent my time in the company of people many generations ahead of me and although Ive learnt alot about people in this time, I also feel detatched from my own generation. Theres also the absence of working in a practicing enviroment around other artistic individuals, I think I work better around other people for some reason. Maybe its the challenge of seeing people who out do me in skill or ideas that pushes me to try harder and keeps me focused to a point.

Heres a concept I did a few weeks ago, after so much typing I really can not be botherd adding any annotation to it so for the moment its a bit micellanious except for the teeth part, Im hoping that bits self explanatory.