Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Hell's Occupants.

In response to the post by danny on his blog here about the artist Mark Powell I felt inspired to get back into the mood of drawing deamons and helly type peeps. Which is slightly annoying as I wanted to concentrate on my speculative biology concepts, now my mind is split between visiting my own depiction of hell and documenting the fauna of an alien planet.

Seriously check it out, that Mark Powell guy has created something beautiful.


  1. That's pretty cool - though it probably needs genitalia or a loincloth.

    My mind is split between two ideas as well at the moment. The dance begins!

  2. Yes you are right, he/she does need soemthing down there. When doing hell type peeps i try to veer away from defined sexualities, often hell deals with the darker human emotions, and those emotions are applicable to both sexes.

    And thats a very good way of wording the struggle between two ideas 'The dance begins' i might have to nick that one off you.