Sunday, 28 March 2010


Well I finally went and saw Burtons Alice, a good film, lovely visuals and very good acting. How ever I think the plot got a little too lord of the rings towards the end, with the mad hatter becoming a swordsman and alice slaying the jabber wocky..

Good film though, another Burton success. It had a unique charm too it aswell. The caterpiller and the cheshire cat are lovely characters, great voice acting aswell.

Was scribbling the other day so I thought it'd be good to get something on the blog this month. It's meant to be a curious swords man inspecting a blade. Bit of Kieth Thompson influence there.

I've also been looking at the skillful Huntsman which has been giving me quite a bit of inspiaration, i love the little black and white thumb nail sketches, they've got so much character about them.


Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Asian peoples and Nomadic peoples.

Well its been a while since my last post, I think its due to being so busy in the studio. Im in their almost everyday when I have spare time. Lately I've been doing quite a bit of painting trying to explore colours that I dont often use.

Going on with the title of the post, I saw a link to a photo journal video on msn of some european guy who had been touring asia studying the effects of the alps because its the largest source of fresh water for all of asia.

Some of the images were really interesting from a conceptual point of view, and when I'm done with the projects I'm working on at the moment, I might take a shot at doing some concepts influenced by the images.
Id also like to ask, if anyone has details (name,author,ISBN) of any books that focus on nomadic cultures I'd greatly appreciate the information.

Erm.. copyright thingy, these images are not mine and the credit goes to Nat Geo blah blah..

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Today is the Day!

I didnt get in....

Joking, I got in. It was quite a good interview, talked for quite a while about the dynamics of it all and the correspondance between real world development and how it effects modern games.

Anyway he liked the portfolio and all went very well, so for the moment I can sit back and relax.

Thanks for all the supporting emails and text messages guys, your support has been very much appreciated. Its celebrations of some sort at the week end.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Tomorrow is the Day!

At this time tomorrow I shall be posting on this blog either in triumphant glory or cursing the educational system for labelling me as not good enough.

I've got an interview with staffordshire university tomorrow at 2pm, Im hoping to enrol on the VFX visual effects and concept design course.

The other year I was studying at stockport college for Illustration, all the way through I struggled to grasp with many of the course's philosophies (excellent course just not for me). At the beginning of the second year this september I decided to drop out and take a GAP year, in the hopes that I will be able to get onto the course mentioned above.

Back in college I convinced my self that after many years of wanting to be a conceptual artist it just was'nt a realistic career option and so decided I would try my hand at illustration, there was certain things about it I liked but the cons for me out weighed the pro's in a way that just wouldnt work. It's deffinitely a mind frame thing, you either are an illustrator or your not, you can't fake it in my opinion. So learning that I realised that if I wanted to make a career out of my art then I needed to pursue the thing that truly appeals to me, which is the conceptualisation (?) of fictional worlds.

Theres soemthing that draws me in with such a strong passion when it comes to concept design, the ability to draw the best of the worlds natural history, human cultures and events and throw them into the blender that is the design process is facinating. You can take something that appears to be so rooted in tradition and fling it into the wastes of an entirely differnt world and see what happens, sometimes it doesnt work, but sometimes you get soemthing that seems right for soem reason.

Games and films reflect not only the conflict of the past but more and more so the conflicts of the present, and in some ways they even become political tools, promoting certain beliefs or viewing situations in entirely differnt angles that really do allow for some incredible gaming oppotunities.

I just hope I get the opportunity to contribute to all of this.

(wish me luck or I'll find out where you live and leave a flaming bag of dog sh-