Friday, 26 February 2010


I cant get the pressure sensitivty back on my graphics tablet when I'm using Scrotoshop (still works in the tutorial and the little writing aplication thing), its really annoying because I've now got a taste for using the tablet again... Can anyone help me?

In Manchester Picadilly yesterday I saw a bus advert for Burtons new take on Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. I have to say after seeing the TV ad for it I'm not too impressed. Just seems like a CGI fest (the poor kind) with jhonny depp stuck some where in the middle (this is just speculation, I dont know for sure but I'll bet he's playing the Mad Hatter').

Then again, with Burtons unique style there might be some light at the end of the tunnel, so contrary to my first impressions I might like it. But for now I'm skeptical.

It reminded me of a breif I did last year at Stockport. There was a few differnt choices for the breif but I chose Alice, it was pretty much an almost direct rip off of Arthur Rackhams illustration of alice. I'd just discovered the pen called LYRA Aqua Brush and also the work of illustrator Marlene Dumas. (I actually applied water to my drawings before I saw Dumas's work, it was my tutor who referenced the similarities)

and this is what I came up with.

This image by Arthur Rackham is what I used as the primary influence, a brilliant artist.

And tonight I just tought why not tackle it again so I'm posting this.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

political and humanitarian(?spelling) issues

Touchy subject I know but this video hit me, wether or not the images are actually from the war(s) in the middle east is irrelevant, the main point is that all of these atrocities were comitted by man kind.

Perhaps the thing that is hurting me most is the images that are shown at 6:29.

please do not watch this video if you are sensitive to scenes of graphic violence.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

ti tnseod ekam yna esnes!!!!!

I used to hate computers quite alot, and now I remember why. The problem with technology is that it can be great when its functioning properly, but it can be very frustrating when your a backwards person with little knowledge of how to correct problems on the computer.

I recently went on scrotoshop in an attempt to see if my graphics pen was working (for some reason half the time the pressure sensitivity doesnt work on the pen) and fortunately I found a brush set that allowed me to paint with brush pressure sensitivty (the thing that controls the thickness of the line). So taking advantage of the situation I decided to colour my latest concept.

Ive also been carrying on with the drawing from real life thing, this time I've been focusing on my speciality, amphibians. The first one is a tiger leg, very colourful aboreal frogs from south america I think but im not too clued up on them.
The second is perhaps one of my most favorite of all terrestrial frogs, its Megophrys Montana, a cryptic patterned asian frog that occurs in java, the genus Megophryids how ever is spread over most of the indonesian islands, with the largest sub species being Megophrys Nasuta, resembling Montana in all but size and a slightly more gray colour pallete. A characterful frog with an unforgettable crest of horns that adorn its eyebrows and snout, they always appear to be rather pissed off. There main form of defense is camoflauge, if it isnt pointed out clearly they just look like any other dead leaf on the forest floor.

We decided that doing fish at work just wasnt worth the bother any more as the reptile section is so much more succesful (and easier), so at the week end we took all the remaining fish to a local aquarium where we are freinds with the owner. whilst there I picked up a book called 'Armoured Knights of the Sea' by Helmut Debelius. It's only a small paper back but its filled to the brim with fantastic photos aswell as valuable information on captive husbandary and detailed field encounters of many different isopods around the world.
In it I discovered a genus of shrimps called Lymasta. All of them are predominantly red and white in colouration and also very pretty. Unfortunately whilst trying to capture the spirit of these crazy little creatures my cat decided to suddenly walk over my sketches after going for a jog in the rain outside.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Fishies, Birdies and Spider..ies

Its been a busy couple of weeks or so outside of work the lovely mara came home breifly (and now i have heart ache again), I've been looking at alot of really great concept artists lately and as always i get those mixed feelings of awe, inspiration and then that sense of doom which makes me feel I'll never be able to compete. Which would be fine IF I wasnt so dedicated to this particular art. My initial reaction to combating these feelings of in adequacy is to create more concepts in a frenzied attempt to redeem my self, how ever this time I tried to be mature about it and realise that one of the primary reasons that these artist are so talented and skilful is because of one very important thing...


And not just monsters and robots, they draw from referance and life, they study real world fauna, flora and cultures. So I decided to go back to drawing, no concepts for now (ok maybe just one but its a WIP.. and to justify it its been inspired by the drawing... ok I know thats a crap exscuse but your on the other end of a computer screen and I dont truly have to explain my self to you ;) )so I've been sketching away looking through the increasingly vast library of natural history books that I've been collecting sinse I was born. Im finally doing what I said i would do with these books, use them for drawing.

At the same time I've also been trying to break away from my traditional style of drawing which seems to involve far too many horendously straight lines. Wether or not I've succeded in doing that is up for you to decide.

Heres some DA pages of artists I've been looking at.

All are incredible artists in their own right. Theres also my two biggest inspirations aswell, Wayne Barlowe and Kieth thompson, both are professional concept artists/illustrators and their work is unbeliviable, not only do they have the skills but they have unique imaginations. They represent everything I like about concept art in that they can create truly original worlds that we can still relate to in some form or other.

And danny I didnt forget bout the address, just got it off Ash now. It's Bennett St. SK14 4TQ (inside the uppercut Barbers)
Heres one of the tattoo designs I've done, I've never coloured one of these designs before so I'm not entirely sure that I've done it right, crits would be much appreciated on this and the drawings above aswell.

Can anyone reccomend me a good quality scanner? Im tierd of messing around with crap scanners, need to invest in soemthing worth while. Oh and reccomendations on a camera too!

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

In the Studio.

Heres some pictures I took in the studio, to be honest most of it has no integral value. I'm just trying to experiment with differnt mediums and formats in an attempt to create new things. But looking at it I can see that its just my comfort zones with differnt faces, perhaps the answer lies in moving away from my favoured material entirely and approaching new subjects with these new techniques.
I've been giving some thought about sculpture aswell but seeing as though ive not had an real education concerning sculpture I'd have to approach it from the view of an outsider artist as I dont really have a clue what I'm doing.

As far as getting my foot in the door I was speaking to a freind at the week end about doing some tattoo designs for him as he's opening his own Tat parlour. No gurantee that I will get anywhere yet but I'm giving it a shot.

And a concept for one of my own little ideas that I've been working on and off for the past few months, basically working on concepts for nomadic tribal people that inhabit cold wastes on a differnt planet.