Sunday, 28 November 2010

Chav Frogs.

Just some more Chav frogs, submitting work for uni projects soon.

Crits welcome as always.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

New stuff

Not new ideas (still alien fauna and... Alien people) but new images non the less.
During the week I was sketching on the train trying to add some 3 D definition to my drawings after my girl freinds critique about it all being too flat which shes very right about unfortunately, so I started sketching and ended up drawing this which Ive dubbed 'Fisher Beast' after an old concept I did which might be on this blog somewhere. critics are welcome as always.

Heres a finalised version of the Trader, going with an amphibian anatomy to explain the 'long fingers' in the breif.

And I've also started doing some drawings of alien frogs which im going to paint with dart frog colour schemes, in particular the species Tinctorious and its many hundreds of sub species (the one below is based on tinctorious citronella, google it, they are amazing frogs to look at) , these are all predominantly blue, black and yellow frogs which can be quite difficult to paint as they are not contrasting colours to me, there also quite shiny so its going to be an exercise in lighting for me aswell, expect lots of terrible attempts with the 'chav' frogs in the next few posts.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Resurgence of the Traders.

After getting over losing something I'd spent two hours working on I decided to start from scratch with the Trader, I think it turned out well so far but I've still got to work on the hands and feet, im going with an amphibian type anatomy so I want to give them a nice colour pattern, though I'm not sure if a dendrobate colour scheme would just look like too much and detract the attention away from the figure.
anyway heres a line up so far.

Ive also started on a concept called 'Cyber Droid' how ever I might abandon this as I'm not so sure I like it.