Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Desert Primate.

Im trying to get a COW going between the class mates at uni, choose the wrong time though as everyone was quite busy finishing their work. Anyway I did start it but never got round ton finishing it, I found my WIP of it the other day when showing a freind some of my work and decided to finish it.

Basically I imagine it as a primate of gorilla ancestry that prowls up and down beaches looking for carcasses of sea turtles or other meals of the moment.

Ive also been looking at two sites which focus on personal world building projects;

These are two excellent sites that focus on the creation of imaginary worlds with a particular interest in Speculative Biology. The morae river is a beautiful project that focuses on more earth like biology, theres some really nice art work there. The second site Planet Furaha also has some very nice works but puts alot more effort into the science behind the scenes, going in depth to explain things such as weather patterns, cartography and a whole host of other aspects of world building.

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Uni Concepts

Heres the final concepts that Ive done for the first semester, was quite good fun to do these concepts, the breif wasnt something that I'd come up with given my own choice so to adapt to visualising another description was a nice change.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010


Still very busy with uni work at the moment so with the bit of free time between sleep and uni I have train doodling. So I decided to have a go at colouring thumbnail drawings.

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Chav Frogs.

Just some more Chav frogs, submitting work for uni projects soon.

Crits welcome as always.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

New stuff

Not new ideas (still alien fauna and... Alien people) but new images non the less.
During the week I was sketching on the train trying to add some 3 D definition to my drawings after my girl freinds critique about it all being too flat which shes very right about unfortunately, so I started sketching and ended up drawing this which Ive dubbed 'Fisher Beast' after an old concept I did which might be on this blog somewhere. critics are welcome as always.

Heres a finalised version of the Trader, going with an amphibian anatomy to explain the 'long fingers' in the breif.

And I've also started doing some drawings of alien frogs which im going to paint with dart frog colour schemes, in particular the species Tinctorious and its many hundreds of sub species (the one below is based on tinctorious citronella, google it, they are amazing frogs to look at) , these are all predominantly blue, black and yellow frogs which can be quite difficult to paint as they are not contrasting colours to me, there also quite shiny so its going to be an exercise in lighting for me aswell, expect lots of terrible attempts with the 'chav' frogs in the next few posts.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Resurgence of the Traders.

After getting over losing something I'd spent two hours working on I decided to start from scratch with the Trader, I think it turned out well so far but I've still got to work on the hands and feet, im going with an amphibian type anatomy so I want to give them a nice colour pattern, though I'm not sure if a dendrobate colour scheme would just look like too much and detract the attention away from the figure.
anyway heres a line up so far.

Ive also started on a concept called 'Cyber Droid' how ever I might abandon this as I'm not so sure I like it.

Monday, 25 October 2010


Just using the blog to upload images until I can sort my self out a memory stick so that I can carry files from one computer to another.

The description for these aliens was 'long fingered aliens with armoured suits.'

WIP so far..

Thursday, 21 October 2010

The Colourful Trogs..

Ive done some more colour attempts with the Trog warrior, Its the first time I've tried to alter a colour palette on a scrotoshop concept before, usually once completed I can't be botherd doing anything more with them.
Im also going to start using my blog as a means to upload work for uni untili sort out something more suitable.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Colour Attempt.

Recently (or is it recentley?) bought two films I havent seen for ages, Sky Blue and Blade Runner, looking forwards to a quiet night when I can watch them.

I tried a colour attempt in Scrotoshop, not sure at all about the shading but I think the colours are on track. Was a bit of a warm up in Scrotoshop as its been like.. since I posted that Ferrignoli creature that I last used Scrotoshop.

Crits would be very much appreciated aswell as ideas for colours.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010


Hey folks. This blog has been a little neglected these past couple of months, so I'm gonna get back into it.
I started uni about a month ago and its going really well, the tutors are great and the stuff I'm learning is brilliant too, favorite lessons so far have been the workshops that we've been through with the artist jonny duddle.
This guy is an insanely good artist, and its been great to see how a professional go's about their work both on and off the computer.
At the moment were designing concepts for three differnt aliens of which we choose from a list of about ten differnt discriptions. really good fun.
I scanned aload of work specifically for this blog post but as usual the computer hates me, heres a couple of thumb nails and a quick sketch of a creature described as being 'an alien around caveman level.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Sicily, Uni & Work

Wow its been a while since I've posted on here. I recently returned from Sicily where I stayed with family for a couple of weeks, a brilliant holiday and a great time spent with family both Sicilian and the family that came with me.

Whilst there I did a little drawing but at 33C inside the house it was just too hot to do anything worth while, I have a new found respect for artists that are actually able to flourish in countries as hot as there, its not easy.

September is inching closer and closer and I'm getting more excited about it, not only the thought of taking concept art seriously but also to a certain extent getting back into being a student, this past year has been very easy, I have to admit I have an easy job which I love (except for the customer interaction bit, Im a little anti social when it comes to that part) (Also I dont love the job because its easy, I love it because its relevant to me) but I also feel quite isolated, for the most part Ive spent my time in the company of people many generations ahead of me and although Ive learnt alot about people in this time, I also feel detatched from my own generation. Theres also the absence of working in a practicing enviroment around other artistic individuals, I think I work better around other people for some reason. Maybe its the challenge of seeing people who out do me in skill or ideas that pushes me to try harder and keeps me focused to a point.

Heres a concept I did a few weeks ago, after so much typing I really can not be botherd adding any annotation to it so for the moment its a bit micellanious except for the teeth part, Im hoping that bits self explanatory.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010


Ive been so busy lately I've had barely any time for anything. Still concentrating on RoR but I'm even neglecting that for the moment.

These are some more finalised concepts for dwarrow miners, Im trying to give them an ingenious twist with unusal apparatus that isnt often accociated with that sort of time period (pre electricity).

Monday, 24 May 2010

beasts and a wier

Just been concentrating on the creature concepts again, nothing new to report really. Here in england were having some amazing weather so it's been BBQ's pretty much all the time.

Went swimming in the local park the other day and jumped off a wier, bashed my foot of a rock and had to go A'n'E..

Thursday, 20 May 2010


Had a few days off work so I've been drawing quite alot lately. Found out during the week that these concepts I'm doing are in a genre called Speculative Biology, so there we have it, there Speculative Biological representations.

I think I prefer my own coin 'Fictional Natural History'.

Anyway, to quit rambling Im also steadily working away on Realms of Renth, and calling some old project hero's to arms aswell. The latest concepts can be found Here.

The genus Veloxicus is characterised by a powerfully built body crowned by a rather small head for the creatures size, this how ever is an adaptation rather than an evolutionary throwback. V.Magnus is a predator designed for high speed chases and precision strikes to vital areas of a preys body.

V.Magnus is a solitary animal, unlike its cousin V.Letum it prefers to stalk the nutrient plains where it is an adept at prying up the plates of animals belonging to the Loricatus genus, this highly specialised diet has lead to an almost exclusive diet, and consequently this sub species is able to grow to larger lengths of up to 9 inches.breeding co-incides with the anual flush of zoo plankton that appears on the nurtient plains, the protein rich plankton are absorbed by both nutrient feeders and V.Magnus alike as hungry females bulk up in preperation for breeding.Males typically gather harems of two to three individuals and will defend these mates viciously, with rival male encounters often resulting in extra feed for the victorious males harem.

V.Letum are social animals that bond for life, and also display limited parental tendancies, primarily in the form of guarding the chosen nursery pool from any outside predation.For the most part these creatures are active animals, often sticking to higher ground and rocky out croppings that allow cover from prey to preform more complicated ambush attacks. A major predator of Flumenicus Equus, V.Letum reaches typical lengths up to 7 inches.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Hell's Occupants.

In response to the post by danny on his blog here about the artist Mark Powell I felt inspired to get back into the mood of drawing deamons and helly type peeps. Which is slightly annoying as I wanted to concentrate on my speculative biology concepts, now my mind is split between visiting my own depiction of hell and documenting the fauna of an alien planet.

Seriously check it out, that Mark Powell guy has created something beautiful.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Realms of Renth.

Just an update of what I've been working on for RoR lately, the concepts here are for Miners. Im going with heavy clothing that offers protecton from all the hazards of working in mines, in particular I'm trying to work on facial gear, although the time period is set to 1700's ish sort of technology, I want to introduce some form of technology be it through the use of steam punk or what ever.

its just coming up with things that seem feasible when compared to the already established house style.

Friday, 14 May 2010

Scavenger and RoR

Just another fauna concept. Theres been some recent changes with the team at Realms of Renth, though it meant a sad departure of a senior member it also means Im now in charge of the games conceptual design, a blessing and a curse, extra work, but also I can now imprint a greater sense of my own direction than I could before.

I'm probably going to be dedicating alot of my 'arty' time to RoR now, I've been working on the project in my own eratic manner for 4 years now. Though I've never been too fond of the projects capabilities for imaginative scope, Im going to change that.

Deloricatus, convergent cousins of the Loricatus genus, this beast is for the most part a gentle feeder of the nutrient plains. often sparesly dotted across rich plains in pods of up to 20 individuals. Though primarily evolved for absorbing the nutritious bounty that dominates the subtrate of the plains, D.Validus is also a scavenger, putting its feeding apparatus to good use by absorbing available fluids from any carcass encountered.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Fauna Concepts

A few creature concepts that I've been working on in the past month or so.

Absconditus, An aquatic predator of average size, with males reaching a little over 12 inches in length. Though a good swimmer, Absconditus prefer ambush attacks. Often patiently waiting with their heads lowered from banks to just above the water level, when prey is detected the creature lunges forwards elegantly, its head entering the water whilst causing minimal disturbance to catch the prey.

A noticeable feature is the Absconditus jaw structure, the jaws fold into the mouth when not in use, but a rapid surge of blood to the jaws erects them into position for use, similar to the erection of the penis.

Loricatus, a small yet heaviley armoured nutrient feeder covered in chitinous plates, growing to around 3 inches in length. These beast's are often encountered singly, how ever where nutrient grounds are found increased numbers of the solitary creatures can be found taking advantage of the same natural bounty.
Flumenicus Equus, a primarily aquatic inhabitant that filter feeds through the waters removing any nutrients in the form of detritus or microscopic life. These animals are flighty in nature and are often encountered on wet lands or along the vast banks of mega rivers where they can be found feeding in there hundreds of thousands when algae blooms reach their peak, the large numbers also allow added security for females to birth larval off spring in relative safety. typically attaining 10 inches in length.

Magnus, solitary omnivorous creatures with unpredictable temperments, they are often found around stands of tree's where they can put their highly adaptable beaks to good use cutting through the hard shells of seed pods. females attain up to 5 inches in length, males reaching 10 inches.

Friday, 7 May 2010

Fossils and Leeds.

Went to visit a freind studying at Leeds university for a couple of days during the week, whilst there I took a look in the Museum. It was quite an interesting place, they had some lovely rennasiance style sculptures and roman/greek busts aswell as ancient chinese clothing which I found quite inspirational. (please note these photos are scans of post cards, I do not have such skills with a camera...)

And to top that off, they were selling Fossils in the gift shop! (i dont care if their fakes they still look the part)

Monday, 3 May 2010

Low Grav

Just finished a rather long work shift thats lasted since the day after i got back from newcastle so besides a couple of receipt drawings I've not done much else.

Decided to colour a concept on scrotoshop. It's a deer like creature thats evolved on a planet with a much lower level of gravity than our own. Most of my fauna concepts lately have almost strictly adhered to the anatomy and proportions of african mega mammals, usually quadruped and bulky in there most fundamental state.

So now I will try doing some things that are even more alien, Helium propelled life forms and giant primative invertebrates that exist on planets with a much more oxygen saturated atmosphere... so many ideas too lazy to jot them all down..

Thursday, 29 April 2010

More Receipts

Some more receipt drawings, I could talk for days about the philosophy and nature of fictional natural history, I cant think of anything else that lends such a wide scope to the creative process of design. Theres almost no rules, if you know your chemistry and your physics... and of course biology all you need to do is come up with the plausible exscuse to back it.

Monday, 26 April 2010

Receipts and Birds.

Whilst at work on quiet days I enjoy scribbling on spare receipt paper from the till, often working in constricted dimensions with limited tools (basically just a biro) helps me to easily begin sketching, perhaps its the absence of the great white exspanse on the usual A4 paper I use.

Ive also done some drawings from a post by Glendon Mellow ( http://glendonmellow.blogspot.com/ ) containing some wonderful images taken at the Metro Toronto zoo.

Friday, 23 April 2010

Newcastle visit.

This week I went up to chilly Newcastle to visit mara at uni. Whilst there I had a little free time while she worked in the studio so I decided to pay a visit with my sketch book in hand to the museum opposite the university campus.

The museum was very nice, although the natural history department could have been displayed much more professionally. All the modern fauna exhibits were contained within glass display cases and were literally piled up on top of each other forming some sort of sky scraper type structure made from animals which made it all but impossible to draw as everything was obscured with the height and angle factors... A smart form of space management, but not very useful for artists, I'd much more appreciate just a few exhibits at eye level.

Coupled with that I was having one of those days were my hand simply can not draw well, as seen below.

I'd like to think that I redeemed my self whilst sketching a sculpture titled Pankratiast's. Essentially its the ancient greek version of wrestling, only naked.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Bufo Chickens.

The Bufo tribesmen are incredibly illusive at best, this lucky photographer managed to snap this shot just as the patrol leader picked up his sent. The photo was recovered from the camera at the site of his tribal execution.

In the week I went to lyme park for a walk around the hills, whilst walking I encounterd hordes of sheep, a few chickens, two viking bow stones, and the occasional raven.

Monday, 12 April 2010


I went and saw Clash of the Titans with Mark the other day (mrmarkmottershead). Overall the story wasnt that good (but its to be expected with high class B movies) but the creature designs were fantastic, literally. The Kraken was brilliant, a real primal peice of work.
We watched it in 3D which was a bit of a problem for two reasons No.1 - we got ripped off, even though we already had 3D glasses which we presented they still charged us for a new pair. No.2 most of the scenes involving creatures were quite fast paced so at times it was a bit difficult trying to make out details such as the facial features on the harpies.

I've been doing a few more concepts for RoR again, the project seems to be picking up a lively pace and things are looking more oriented towards producing a promo game.

These are just a few concepts for a race called the dwarrow (needs a name change) both on and off the battle field respectively.

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Prop concepts.

It's been a while since I've done a few concepts for Realms of Renth, so I decided to look up the master list for props that would be easy to complete conceptually with out too much thinking.

I managed to do a few props on scrotoshop just before my graphics tablet yet again broke down, muting the brush sensitivity on the pen.

During the week I was in waterstones doing my regular MOI hunt (Magazines of interest) ;), I picked up two zines about vehichles. The first being 'The glory days of heavy haulage' a zine filled to the brink with brilliant photos of old fashion 19th century wagons, lorries and military vehichles. The second zine was 'Military Modelcraft International' I bought it just for the reference at first but after reading through it I saw an article on one of Da Vincis more deadly concepts, nicknamed the toritoise, its possily the ancestor of all modern tanks. Ive found that some one has made a model kit for it so I might have a bash at constructing and painting one.
(its the design on the bottom half of the sketch)