Friday, 31 May 2013

Fire Fighters

An exercise in trying to use photos to create a back ground plate and intergrate 3D meshes over the top.

Maya & Photoshop : 4 hours.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013


I cant wait till the 7th, the team has worked so hard on this animation, all are welcome.

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Fire Fighting

Im doing a couple of mech designs at the moment, Ive got a bit more time to do designs of my choice now that im not working on my university brief anymore.
Working on Stranded will help flesh out the fantasy side of my portfolio, and when Ive finished working on the group LEGO project Im going to start sketching animals and still life's, need to sharpen my drawing skills.

I designed this mech as a future solution to fighting huge inner city fires, the problem with todays fire fighting vehicles is that they are restricted in the type of terrain they can cover, but a mech on legs could walk over collapsed buildings and crumbling walls to reach the fires source.

Maya 2013 : 5 hours

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Staffordshire University

Thats it, had my final presentation today for my LEGO animation project, I no longer have any modules left to complete...

It feels wierd thinking about not being a student anymore.

Im working on an independant game project now called STRANDED, which should keep me busy for a month or two during the concept phase.

Heres one last image from Project August which im now setting to retirement for the time being.

Photoshop / Zbrush / Maya 2013 : 7 hours

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Terra Rover

 I think this will be the last concept that I do for Project August, Its been good.

Project August has been something that idealistically was a long time in the making for me.

My earliest drawings were dedicated to imaginary alien worlds and their inhabitants, the desire to create
an alien world in a visual form has been rooted in my mind from a very young age. So on the one
hand I am happy, Ive realised one of my aspiarations, regardless of the quality of the work I now have a
portfolio in my hand that is proof that I have finally brought a cherised idea to paper.

Technically, I feel like I have accomplished alot as a student this year, my motto was
‘stay out of the comfort zone’ and I think that I managed to stay true to this idea. I tackled
interior environments, vehicle design, integrating maya underlays, modeling more complex meshes in
maya aswell as starting to learn a new software in the form of Zbrush.

FMX was a reality check for me this year, the confidence in my abilities that I felt before FMX was
greatly shaken when I began to promote my portfolio at the recruiting booths, I gave away approximately
20 portfolios in Germany, and recieved some very good and honest feed back which I am now using to
help better my abilities.

Monday, 20 May 2013

Independant Game Project

By the end of the week I will have submitted all work for university.

Ive joined an independant game project thats developing a platform fantasy game, so to kick start things I did a quick design sheet over my lunch break today. The brief was 'Level 1, an old destroyed fantasy town ' So I began by trying to figure out what sort of architecture style my new director had in mind.

Friday, 10 May 2013

Critter Spitter

Im still working on fleshing out previous creature designs that Ive done for project August. Just over a week left now till I finish uni which is very difficult to imagine, and scary when I do manage to imagine it...
So this creature is a bit like a sea anenome in habit, it tends to stick around one area in groups. It also feeds in a similar fashion using tentacles situated beneath the main body, the difference is that these 'critters' as a group create a kill zone by constantly belching out toxic gases that stun and suffocate their prey.
I orginally created this creature as a submission for's C.O.W competition when I was seeking inspiaration for my uni project, it just meant I had to keep bending the designs each week to fit in with my project.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Creature Design

Deadlines round the next corner for my projects at university, the class of 5 that Im in has been working on a top secret LEGO animation project in Maya for the last 16 weeks, its been a very challenging and dynamic project but the renders are looking great at the moment, cant wait to release it on the net.

Z brush / Photoshop : 5 hours

Monday, 6 May 2013


Im taking a few of the creature designs Ive done for Project August a step further by producing orthographics and texture passes for them, Im experimenting with Zbrush at the moment aswell which is helping to speed up the process once the designs been sketched out.

Photoshop / Zbrush.

Friday, 3 May 2013

FMX 2013

I attended FMX again this year, a very productive conference with some brilliant presentations. I also had the opportunity to go around the recruiting hub with my portfolio for my degree work, this was a brilliant experience as i got alot of advice and feedback based on my work.
My portfolio...
FMX 2013 : nice and sunny, a beautiful city with great beer and Pina Colada's...