Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Desert Primate.

Im trying to get a COW going between the class mates at uni, choose the wrong time though as everyone was quite busy finishing their work. Anyway I did start it but never got round ton finishing it, I found my WIP of it the other day when showing a freind some of my work and decided to finish it.

Basically I imagine it as a primate of gorilla ancestry that prowls up and down beaches looking for carcasses of sea turtles or other meals of the moment.

Ive also been looking at two sites which focus on personal world building projects;

These are two excellent sites that focus on the creation of imaginary worlds with a particular interest in Speculative Biology. The morae river is a beautiful project that focuses on more earth like biology, theres some really nice art work there. The second site Planet Furaha also has some very nice works but puts alot more effort into the science behind the scenes, going in depth to explain things such as weather patterns, cartography and a whole host of other aspects of world building.

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Uni Concepts

Heres the final concepts that Ive done for the first semester, was quite good fun to do these concepts, the breif wasnt something that I'd come up with given my own choice so to adapt to visualising another description was a nice change.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010


Still very busy with uni work at the moment so with the bit of free time between sleep and uni I have train doodling. So I decided to have a go at colouring thumbnail drawings.