Thursday, 29 April 2010

More Receipts

Some more receipt drawings, I could talk for days about the philosophy and nature of fictional natural history, I cant think of anything else that lends such a wide scope to the creative process of design. Theres almost no rules, if you know your chemistry and your physics... and of course biology all you need to do is come up with the plausible exscuse to back it.


  1. might i be so bold as to suggest more dynamic poses mr.

    profile shots are good to get an initial idea... however theres no sense of scale and not enough character to them.. i know you find the ins and outs of the anatomy interesting, hence why these things look almost realistic.. you can see that youve thought about bone structure and muscles... but... for example: the bottom drawing looks like a baby elephant pig hybrid... but its too structured in its muscles... add sagging of the skin turn it into a fat sloth like cumbersome creature... cute and dumb almost...

    i know these are sketches at work on the backs of pieces of scrap paper, but now ur jsut making excuses!

  2. ..... hahahahhaha.. if Silent Hill had a Zoo... YOU'D be its keeper.. just realised what these creatures remind me of! :P

  3. You really need to play the 1st Half Life game mate, the creatures and worlds in there are right up your street.

    I keep getting told off at work for drawing on boxes, then turning them around.
    When the boss takes them on the shop floor and looks at a pair of boobies - she goes ape shit lol.

    Keep drawing, you will only get better.

  4. @Bob - Yeah i know what you mean, these drawings are meant as more of a conceptual concept though. when i get round to it ill work from the ideas i like and turn them into something more indepth and detailed.

    as for the silent hill zoo thing i think im going to have to nick that idea off of you, it sounds irresistable!

    @Mark - i like that, sounds like a good laugh.

    yes i must get round to half life, and max payne, and avp and a host of others... as some one who wants to get into the industry i dont play enough games..