Saturday, 3 April 2010

Prop concepts.

It's been a while since I've done a few concepts for Realms of Renth, so I decided to look up the master list for props that would be easy to complete conceptually with out too much thinking.

I managed to do a few props on scrotoshop just before my graphics tablet yet again broke down, muting the brush sensitivity on the pen.

During the week I was in waterstones doing my regular MOI hunt (Magazines of interest) ;), I picked up two zines about vehichles. The first being 'The glory days of heavy haulage' a zine filled to the brink with brilliant photos of old fashion 19th century wagons, lorries and military vehichles. The second zine was 'Military Modelcraft International' I bought it just for the reference at first but after reading through it I saw an article on one of Da Vincis more deadly concepts, nicknamed the toritoise, its possily the ancestor of all modern tanks. Ive found that some one has made a model kit for it so I might have a bash at constructing and painting one.
(its the design on the bottom half of the sketch)

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