Monday, 12 April 2010


I went and saw Clash of the Titans with Mark the other day (mrmarkmottershead). Overall the story wasnt that good (but its to be expected with high class B movies) but the creature designs were fantastic, literally. The Kraken was brilliant, a real primal peice of work.
We watched it in 3D which was a bit of a problem for two reasons No.1 - we got ripped off, even though we already had 3D glasses which we presented they still charged us for a new pair. No.2 most of the scenes involving creatures were quite fast paced so at times it was a bit difficult trying to make out details such as the facial features on the harpies.

I've been doing a few more concepts for RoR again, the project seems to be picking up a lively pace and things are looking more oriented towards producing a promo game.

These are just a few concepts for a race called the dwarrow (needs a name change) both on and off the battle field respectively.

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