Friday, 23 April 2010

Newcastle visit.

This week I went up to chilly Newcastle to visit mara at uni. Whilst there I had a little free time while she worked in the studio so I decided to pay a visit with my sketch book in hand to the museum opposite the university campus.

The museum was very nice, although the natural history department could have been displayed much more professionally. All the modern fauna exhibits were contained within glass display cases and were literally piled up on top of each other forming some sort of sky scraper type structure made from animals which made it all but impossible to draw as everything was obscured with the height and angle factors... A smart form of space management, but not very useful for artists, I'd much more appreciate just a few exhibits at eye level.

Coupled with that I was having one of those days were my hand simply can not draw well, as seen below.

I'd like to think that I redeemed my self whilst sketching a sculpture titled Pankratiast's. Essentially its the ancient greek version of wrestling, only naked.


  1. Wow, you chose a difficult pose on the statues, great job!

    The insects are well-done. I know what you mean about posting stuff you're not crazy about: I think it's a good idea. Those sketches show a lot of character to me, though the artist always sees their own flaws glaringly.

  2. Thanks, I wasnt being courageous drawing it at that angle, I just couldnt be botherd standing up and drawing any more so I sat on the bench at the side.

    Yes the flaw's that an artist see's clearly in his own work is a pain aswell as a blessing.