Wednesday, 24 February 2010

political and humanitarian(?spelling) issues

Touchy subject I know but this video hit me, wether or not the images are actually from the war(s) in the middle east is irrelevant, the main point is that all of these atrocities were comitted by man kind.

Perhaps the thing that is hurting me most is the images that are shown at 6:29.

please do not watch this video if you are sensitive to scenes of graphic violence.


  1. shows how fucked up war can be especially that depleted uranium shit. also how women are treated even within their own army, disgraceful. I agree that the war in iraq and afghanistan has very questionable motives, but personally i feel we should support our troops because they are just doing their job and trying to keep each other alive, its the goverment with the agenda, not the troops on the frontline. btw im not preaching at you marco just giving my opinion :)

  2. No problem Dan, I gave my opinion and I'm glad you gave yours aswell.

    Its not that Im ignorant to the situation but the uranium thing just shook me, I didnt realise things like that were going on. (im still disturbed about it now actually)