Tuesday, 2 February 2010

In the Studio.

Heres some pictures I took in the studio, to be honest most of it has no integral value. I'm just trying to experiment with differnt mediums and formats in an attempt to create new things. But looking at it I can see that its just my comfort zones with differnt faces, perhaps the answer lies in moving away from my favoured material entirely and approaching new subjects with these new techniques.
I've been giving some thought about sculpture aswell but seeing as though ive not had an real education concerning sculpture I'd have to approach it from the view of an outsider artist as I dont really have a clue what I'm doing.

As far as getting my foot in the door I was speaking to a freind at the week end about doing some tattoo designs for him as he's opening his own Tat parlour. No gurantee that I will get anywhere yet but I'm giving it a shot.

And a concept for one of my own little ideas that I've been working on and off for the past few months, basically working on concepts for nomadic tribal people that inhabit cold wastes on a differnt planet.


  1. Experimentation leads to creativity, so dont knock it!

    'Bout time you got them figure paintings up,
    3rd and 4th ones down are fucking awesome.
    Even better in the "flesh" so-to-speak,
    keep it up.

    Now that your out of the educational dogma (for the time being) just break your creative comfort zones - freedom is often only realized when you dont have it.

  2. yeah, ive been doing some self portraits lately, will get some pictures up when i can get camera access again..

  3. 2nd 3rd and 4th ones down are awesome!! really like the silhouetted nature of them mixed with line work. Some of them seem still in ur comfort zone as you said urself but are none the less very cool. would be interesting to see those tattoo designs you spoke of, u gona txt me the address to the parlour or what!?!?

    Its hard to break out of your comfort zone if ur passionate about something, but just keep trying, u'll come across something really cool like u already have. Unfortunately, with uni work taking up most of my time, my real interests of concept and fantasy art are taking a back seat and its more of a hobby cos i just enjoy doing it, but your in a good position to really move urself forward in those genres of art. keep up the good work mate

  4. Yeah just going to keep trying, thanks for the advice Dan.