Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Fishies, Birdies and Spider..ies

Its been a busy couple of weeks or so outside of work the lovely mara came home breifly (and now i have heart ache again), I've been looking at alot of really great concept artists lately and as always i get those mixed feelings of awe, inspiration and then that sense of doom which makes me feel I'll never be able to compete. Which would be fine IF I wasnt so dedicated to this particular art. My initial reaction to combating these feelings of in adequacy is to create more concepts in a frenzied attempt to redeem my self, how ever this time I tried to be mature about it and realise that one of the primary reasons that these artist are so talented and skilful is because of one very important thing...


And not just monsters and robots, they draw from referance and life, they study real world fauna, flora and cultures. So I decided to go back to drawing, no concepts for now (ok maybe just one but its a WIP.. and to justify it its been inspired by the drawing... ok I know thats a crap exscuse but your on the other end of a computer screen and I dont truly have to explain my self to you ;) )so I've been sketching away looking through the increasingly vast library of natural history books that I've been collecting sinse I was born. Im finally doing what I said i would do with these books, use them for drawing.

At the same time I've also been trying to break away from my traditional style of drawing which seems to involve far too many horendously straight lines. Wether or not I've succeded in doing that is up for you to decide.

Heres some DA pages of artists I've been looking at.

All are incredible artists in their own right. Theres also my two biggest inspirations aswell, Wayne Barlowe and Kieth thompson, both are professional concept artists/illustrators and their work is unbeliviable, not only do they have the skills but they have unique imaginations. They represent everything I like about concept art in that they can create truly original worlds that we can still relate to in some form or other.

And danny I didnt forget bout the address, just got it off Ash now. It's Bennett St. SK14 4TQ (inside the uppercut Barbers)
Heres one of the tattoo designs I've done, I've never coloured one of these designs before so I'm not entirely sure that I've done it right, crits would be much appreciated on this and the drawings above aswell.

Can anyone reccomend me a good quality scanner? Im tierd of messing around with crap scanners, need to invest in soemthing worth while. Oh and reccomendations on a camera too!


  1. ur getting better me old sunshine!! that little gofer is epic!

  2. Really like the gopher, lobster thing, and spider and basking shark, the others are really good as well tho. As far as the tattoos concerned, the creature itself is quite original. Two things tho. 1. from what ive seen, tattoos in this style usually have strong silhouettes (dragons,snakes,tigers) where most/all limbs are visible, the pose of your creature seems a bit awkward. Plus it seems that you are going for a slightly oriental style. I think if this is the style you are going for, you should fully commit to it, rather than a strange middle ground. People will indentify easier with it if its definitley oriental OR definitely Western.

    Great work, keep up the DRAWING!!

  3. Yeah, love that gopher. And the hermit crab.

    I'm attempting the same thing: drawing every day, when I wake up and before bed. It's hard to balance the time tho': work, school, family...It's a struggle every day.

    The artists you're watching are pretty cool.

    I like how you can play between styles.

  4. @ danny mofo pike. Thanks mate, now i know what the rodent is.

    @ Danny ginge. yeah i get what you mean, looking at it just doesnt sit right at all as a tattoo and i think youve high lighted the reasons why.

    @glendon. yeah finding the time (and the inspiaration) can make it difficult, especially when there is the constant temptation to just start scribbling from the imagination.

    im trying to set my self a target of one drawing a day or soemthing like that.

    Thanks guys,