Tuesday, 23 February 2010

ti tnseod ekam yna esnes!!!!!

I used to hate computers quite alot, and now I remember why. The problem with technology is that it can be great when its functioning properly, but it can be very frustrating when your a backwards person with little knowledge of how to correct problems on the computer.

I recently went on scrotoshop in an attempt to see if my graphics pen was working (for some reason half the time the pressure sensitivity doesnt work on the pen) and fortunately I found a brush set that allowed me to paint with brush pressure sensitivty (the thing that controls the thickness of the line). So taking advantage of the situation I decided to colour my latest concept.

Ive also been carrying on with the drawing from real life thing, this time I've been focusing on my speciality, amphibians. The first one is a tiger leg, very colourful aboreal frogs from south america I think but im not too clued up on them.
The second is perhaps one of my most favorite of all terrestrial frogs, its Megophrys Montana, a cryptic patterned asian frog that occurs in java, the genus Megophryids how ever is spread over most of the indonesian islands, with the largest sub species being Megophrys Nasuta, resembling Montana in all but size and a slightly more gray colour pallete. A characterful frog with an unforgettable crest of horns that adorn its eyebrows and snout, they always appear to be rather pissed off. There main form of defense is camoflauge, if it isnt pointed out clearly they just look like any other dead leaf on the forest floor.

We decided that doing fish at work just wasnt worth the bother any more as the reptile section is so much more succesful (and easier), so at the week end we took all the remaining fish to a local aquarium where we are freinds with the owner. whilst there I picked up a book called 'Armoured Knights of the Sea' by Helmut Debelius. It's only a small paper back but its filled to the brim with fantastic photos aswell as valuable information on captive husbandary and detailed field encounters of many different isopods around the world.
In it I discovered a genus of shrimps called Lymasta. All of them are predominantly red and white in colouration and also very pretty. Unfortunately whilst trying to capture the spirit of these crazy little creatures my cat decided to suddenly walk over my sketches after going for a jog in the rain outside.


  1. liking the drawings man keep it up!! and in reference to the concept at the top, that is absolutely awesome. the colouring, the line work, the pattern on the shell, all of it, awesome.

  2. For the concept I was re-reading an article in the magazine ImagineFX (march 09) and I noticed an article on how to beat the creative block, and in it the guy uses old sketches as layers with a low opacity so that the sketch marks work as a sort of texture enhancer.

    I'll be doing a bit more experimentation with that to see where I can take it.