Wednesday, 6 January 2010


I love it, first white christmas in ages.

Lately I've been a bit down, things are quite solitary so I've had more time
to think about things, which inevitably leads to thinking about problems, how
ever, trying to be constructive im always on the look out for solutions. I guess im greatful for the life ive got.


  1. i swear to god that if you dont do yourself a favour and get a portfolio sent off to games companies soon then im just going to tell everyone that you quit drawing and decided to be a lawyer!

    loving the natural look of this recent stuff, the first guy is great.. with you talkin bout the recent snow it looks as if youve made an old school artic expedition outfit.. and the grazing beasties are fantastic...

    please (and i mean this in the nicest way) DONT get your hopes up on RoR... look for something better because you genuinely are good enough mate.

    look for local/british games developers.. any thing... just send them an email in the off chance that someone reads it... you have to be proactive and id really hate to see you waste your time for some internet forum pipe dream.. with no real business behind it its not really going to move anywhere.

    my girlfriend was going to do a character creation course at hertfordshire.. have a look into that.. from what ive seen it involves 3d modellin/sculptin as well as drawing and creation.

    but please... dont think by just doin stuff for RoR that it will lead to something amazing. you already have amazing work and an unbelievable skill... i am jealous of what you produce... but AIM high marco... if you want to do bits of work to bulk out your folio then go for things that are a bit more prestigious (thats the only word i could think of) but things like competitions in ImagineFX (if there are any) and stuff on

    happy new year mon ami

  2. thanks mate, decent advice. ill look into it, i dont know why i keep shunning the idea but your right about having to make a move my self to get into the industry, youve given me something for my mind to digest.

    Hope things work out for you bob.

  3. now you see.. thats what annoys me about you...

    behind your computer monitor, away from everyone else, you are intelligent, eloquent and have a good head on your shoulders.. but we never really saw that within the studio which is a real shame mate. we do all miss you... youll have to come in when you get a chance :)

    i know what you mean about the environment youre in affecting your creative mind... the down side withe uni is that it feels liek they are holding you back, until you finish and you look at the whole picture...

    i personally thought your choice to leave uni was both good and bad... ive did something similar (although longer! :S haha). 3years of a bad course makes you appreciate a good one when you find it... i was bored on my previous course because they werent teaching me anything about gettin a job in the real world. so i went out looking for freelance work... which took all my attention away from any sort of creative stuff as youd wake up, go to work, come home, have food then sleep before doing the same again EVERY DAY! now i feel comfortable on this course as they are teaching me more but i still want to be in a job now purely because I feel im old...

    a year out will hopefully help you realise you REALLY wanna do art or will inspire you to get out of a 9-5 and search for freelance work or more :)

    cheers for the comment on my blog too, ive sort of started to prioritise according to Mark's advice, but im still left thinking should i do this or this...

    im rambling again... :/

  4. he he, id love to pop in some time and see what your all up to, im sure youve all got brilliant stuff on the go.

    yeah its a strange one really, looking back i do appreciate the things that Jo tried to help me understand, and now that ive had a breather from things in the studio it has sunk in and i feel ive learnt a vital lesson(s)

    now that ive set up my own private studio (yeah i cant believe it :D )im hoping to be able to maximise my creative out put this summer, and im also going to look into using the Stockport Artlink at the Gallery (which i think would be a good idea for you to look into aswell considering your desire for financial gain) so im being optimistic.

    i guess the real problem now is to be able to stick with an idea and see it through, oh it is a vicious cycle ;)