Wednesday, 25 November 2009

update time..

It's been a few weeks now and new material has built up ever so slightly, work isnt leaving a great deal of time for anything else. But despite that, in the morning hours before work I've managed to break open the paints and start doing some personal work of my own which is non concept related.
Unfortunately the paintings are both far too large to scan and I dont have access to a camera at the moment.

For the moment though heres some more concepts for ROR.


  1. What's all this colour about?
    I didnt know you did BRIGHT colour lol.

    Also about time you did the figure, you seem to have the nack - keep it up.

    My fav is the little beasties (above the 2 figures) - very dynamic, you were wise to leave the running one black and white
    add's more style :)

  2. Thanks mark, im trying to jump out of all my comfort zones.

    im still having trouble creating good colour contrasts but the challenge makes it worth it.