Thursday, 28 January 2010

I am the Toad in the hole.

Whilst thinking about the advice of Bob Howker I decided I would crawl out of the comfortable hole that I've created for my self that is far away from prying eyes and the judgement of my peers. Upon emerging from the hole I was hit with the age old saying of 'Oh shit..' as I realised that if I want to get my foot stuck in the door (and the rest of my body through it) I am going to need to start being alot more proactive with my approach to making my self commerically viable aswell as getting involved in more art related communities.

In relation to these thoughts I then withdrew to the even older advice from Mr Mark MOTORhead 'You should start up a Blog' . I did this, but I havent really updated it as often as I ought to. So I'm dedicating this post to Blogger, as a serious advertising and community tool.

One thing I can thank blogger for is that it allows me to stay in touch with freinds aswell as researching new artists in a relevant context. Another is the discovery of Brett Booth's blog 'Carnosauria' a blog by a comic book artist with a talent for Paleo illustration. Though I've never seriously pursued or approached dino drawing since I was young, the prehistoric world has always been a major influence in my work with Todd Marshall being one of my biggest influences.
Another thing I would like to do whilst writing this post is, if there are any artists out there that would like to tell stories of how they got their foot in the door, please do tell me. (not expecting too much feed back on this with only three followers but I can dream.)

Rant over I've been working on some non RoR related work but havent had chance to scan or take pictures of any of it.

As for the RoR related stuff, in my post ITS SNOWING!!!! the first concept was of a soldier dressed for a rather dreary weather beaten landscape.
when submitted the concept didnt go down too well, the desired look was for a babylonian influenced warrior with finely crafted armor and a slightly stout physique. So heres a development sequence to show its evolution in the past two weeks or so.
the initial concept.

a rough sketch..(theres was loads of these but i cant be botherd uploading them all)

A more detailed take on the concept focusing on the 'bulky' aspect. Trying to throw in more babylonian motifs as well as defining the helmet design.

The art director of sorts then pointed out several aspects of concepts by the design team that he wished to have incorporated into a new concept, so being lazy I decided to use scrotoshop to place the peices around, I call this new technique... Bashing! The result to me was spectacular, a combination of three differnt drawing styles helped to create soemthing I thought was quite unique.

And now im up to this concept, with a general idea in place for their look, I decided to play around with lighter armor rather than the full shabang.


  1. Hey. I've been following you for a while using my Reader.

    A step I took to make sure I was updating my blog often, was to begin posting artwork every Monday - sometimes a sketch, sometimes a painting in progress, sometimes an explanation of technique on a previous piece - but not missing a Monday has kind of forced me to make sure I'm productive. And now, I see a spike in traffic every Monday, so I know fans of my art expect to see something.

    Your work is pretty amazing, Marco,I love the concepts and your linework. I think another key to my modest success online, is keep joining new conversations on blogs you are a fan of. Don't troll blatantly for traffic, but by commenting elsewhere, people will regularly backtrack you. I've gotten a couple of commissions that way. They key is to be actually engaged with other blogs that genuinely interest you.

    (Hope you don't mind the long comment. )

  2. Thank you for the advice flying trilobite (I dont think ive ever refered to a human being as a trilobite before)

    Thats a good idea posting on a certain day on a weekly basis. I never understood the potential of blogging until now, my efforts in the past at trying to get into artistic communities online involved using forums and sites such as deviantart. Both contain amazing work but seem to be quite hard to intergrate into with out becoming a 'troll'.

    I think working on my confidence aswell would be good, though i do feel confident about my work theres always some one better than you, and when using the internet your connected with so many people that it seems quite intimidating to post work.

    anyway thanks for taking the time to read through my post youve been very helpful.