Thursday, 17 March 2011

balaclavas, fashionable?

Lately I've not been doing that much doodling in my spare time, I've pretty much just been working on this enviroment project for uni. so far so well but I've never done an enviroment before so it really is a difficult process in that I dont have a clear path set out for me. but at the same time i enjoy that, with the host of unexpected faliures i also hit a bit of unexpected success.

Its also opended my eyes to envrioment design aswell, as with most things that I cant easily comprehend I stray away from them, hiding in the dark drawing what im comfortable drawing. but I feel like with a lot of practice I could do this for fun.

My only problem with this breif is time keeping, though I try to do at least an hour of work a day (sometimes more than that) for uni (excluding actual study time) ive found that im still in some sort of initial stage after nearly 3 months. but maybe this is just because im feeling for the thread with this new area of design.


  1. The home of tomorrow? I wouldn't mind if my home looked like these concepts! I particularly like the contrast between the rigid square, cube-like shapes with softer circular shapes.

  2. Thanks for the comment and thanks for dropping by my blog mate!