Saturday, 19 March 2011

Last of an Ancient Breed.

Has anyone seen the film the warriors? if so, have you listended to the soundtrack? Theres a song on the track, final one I think called Last of an ancient breed by Desmond Child. Great song. The whole album is really catchy in that 80's sort of way.

Carrying on with Character concepts I decided to delve into the great galaxy of far far away after seeing the advert for the new game Starwars: The Old Republic. Shame its one of those MMOPG things as I would have quite liked to buy the game if it was an xbox title. The advert for it is incredible, the only thing that really confused me was that the republicans were wearing clone trooper armor which technically isnt supposed to exist back then? (correct me if im wrong)

Anyway, I went with a sort of 'General Kota look' from the game Force Unleashed 2. Wearing old clone trooper armor salvaged from enemy kills. Not neccesarily going with a jedi as it feels too easy to simply create a new jedi, so Im gonna say he's a bounty hunter.


  1. looking good Marco, he is a Twi'lek male? think ive got that right, anyway, I agree with you on that Old Republic trailer its awesome, [although I think the clone(?) captain does far too well against the Sith, they would surely have cut him into tiny pieces]

    Digression over, this guy looks really good, if a little sad? Bounty hunters always seemed really angry/serious/pissed off to me. I like the battle damage but i think some more pouches or a bandolier would give off more of a bounty hunter feel. and he needs a big dock off gun ;P


  2. the sad face was accidental, my faces keep coming out sad or angry by accident, need to try and create happier faces.

    yeah i think their called twileks arnt they? been getting back into starwars lately, just read a book called joiner king by Troy Denning, hes no Dan Abnet but he's pretty good. your right about the extra backage he does need more of that, woefully unequipped.