Monday, 15 April 2013

Passive Encounter

Ive been working up this particular environment over the last week doing several differnt versions of it. Its based on a very rough maya model, doesnt help with details but its a good way of quickly working out the fundamentals of the composition which saves me time for focusing on the detailing and other areas that need working on. Originally this was going to be an aggresive ambush predator leaping down onto the Polo ship but then i thought 'these poor ships are always being attacked' so I decided to turn the composition into a curious encounter between a giant blind invertebrate beast and the ship. I imagine these guys slowly climbing from bulb structure to bulb structure as their arrary of little feeler tentacles forage for scraps of food or maybe some sort of secretion from the bulbs them selves.

Photoshop : 4 hours.

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