Wednesday, 10 April 2013


A couple of more polished up images, generating a large body of concept work over the last academic year has left me a bit out of touch with the idea of spending extra time on images to make them look presentable, my focus has been alot more on the idea rather than the quality of the painting its self but it makes a fun change to not be constantly watching the clock trying to speed things up.

I took my work to the printers today so that I can have my portfolio ready for FMX on the 22nd (so excited). Im glad Ive got the work ready but the dead line is not for another two months almost, which means theres plenty more work to produce between now and then that I will not be able to put into the portfolio...

 Photoshop : 4 hours. Maya : 10 mins

Photoshop : 5 hours.

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