Monday, 3 January 2011

Belkins Scorfus

Competition between native fauna of the Columbus continent and newly arrived species from the Polo Island chain via a newly ermerged land bridge has caused aggresive adaptations over time. This is most easily seen in the now extinct species Scorfus Graphus, its ancestors were for the most part lightly built solitary foliage feeders. How ever in response to the threat of the newly emerged Tyranous Undatus a light built active predator that specialised in the hunting of animals with a similar build as Scorfus, Scorfus emerged as a well built and slightly larger herd grazer.

How ever these adaptations still resulted in a high mortality rate especially amongst young individuals. Eventually the Species Scorfus Graphus took on a new course of evolution that resulted in the creation of Scorfus Comaus an aggresive scavenger. To compensate for the greater and more active exsposure to predators such as Tyranous Undatus Scorfus began to develope armoured plating along the head, neck and sides.


  1. You are steadily getting better and better.
    Seems like you have settled into the digital medium quite well.
    Keep it up mate

  2. Thanks Mark, the problem is i dont seem to have a forumla, every concept i start anew with a blank drawing, its hard trying to flesh out a simple line drawing..

  3. Oh this is just tremendous. I love the otherworldliness of the circle plate of armour. So many times geometry will appear in organisms, but usually in creature design everyone strives for imperfect and asymmetric.

  4. Thank Glendon, and you are right. I took inspiration from the jugular type things that dangle from the heads of green iguanas. I work with them a lot at work and the weird circular lobes never fail to amuse me.