Thursday, 13 January 2011


These 'pods' of Zooflora as they have been temporarily named, seem to move (or travel depending on their flora/fauna classification) in erratic yet syncronised group movement with no particular leading organism. The pod does however seek out light, which seems to energise the organisms as after sustained exsposure to UV the colouration of the organisms change dramatically, depending on the species these colours range from dull russets and browns such as the example below, to more spectacular shades of electric blue or green for reasons which as of yet are unknown.

Their place within the food chain can definitely be compared to that of vegetation in that they are bottom place holders forming the staple diet of a wide variety of other organisms that also feed on flora, and do not prey on any other organism them selves. Although they have been observed obtaining nutrition from carcasses in the very later stages of decomposition, this how ever is not an uncommon habit amongst many Terran plants and so can not be regarded as a hostile or predatory instinct.

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