Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Terra Rover

 I think this will be the last concept that I do for Project August, Its been good.

Project August has been something that idealistically was a long time in the making for me.

My earliest drawings were dedicated to imaginary alien worlds and their inhabitants, the desire to create
an alien world in a visual form has been rooted in my mind from a very young age. So on the one
hand I am happy, Ive realised one of my aspiarations, regardless of the quality of the work I now have a
portfolio in my hand that is proof that I have finally brought a cherised idea to paper.

Technically, I feel like I have accomplished alot as a student this year, my motto was
‘stay out of the comfort zone’ and I think that I managed to stay true to this idea. I tackled
interior environments, vehicle design, integrating maya underlays, modeling more complex meshes in
maya aswell as starting to learn a new software in the form of Zbrush.

FMX was a reality check for me this year, the confidence in my abilities that I felt before FMX was
greatly shaken when I began to promote my portfolio at the recruiting booths, I gave away approximately
20 portfolios in Germany, and recieved some very good and honest feed back which I am now using to
help better my abilities.

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