Friday, 25 May 2012


 Oh dear, Blogspot seems to have a new format for making posts.. Dont like it.

Ive been really quiet with the blog for a few months now, university pretty much took up all my spare time. In may I went to FMX in Stuttgart, a really amazing experience and a good insight into how the industry works.

Went to lots of lectures being given by many brilliant companies in the visual effects industry and Im looking forward to FMX 2013. Also had the opportunity to display my work on the university stand (Im studying at Staffordshire uni).

Ive now go a contract to do some concept designing for a company thats keeping me nice and busy but due to confidentially I cant publish this work so its a bit hard to find the opportunity to post work on the blog atm.

I saw the advert for the new snow white film thats coming out, not the sort of thing Id like to watch but the visual effects and the creature designs look brilliant, I was quite inspired by the large stag like creature with huge antlers, I recon some one has been watching Princess Mononoke.

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