Sunday, 4 March 2012


This is based on another painting that I dreamt of. Originally it was a modern ghetto built alongside a medival castle in the middle east, the proportions were all wrong in my dream though so i decided to do a piece dedicated to a ghetto which evolved into this enviroment which to me suggest attempts at colonisation on an alien world. Perhaps the structure submerged in the jungle is some sort of atmosphere processing plant, and poorer colonists have built a ghetto in the free domain around the area the surrounds it at the cost of saftey against the elements and any possible radiation that the structure may give off. I like this idea so Im going to do a couple more thumbnail type sketches based on this.

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  1. Hi, mate. I just read the comment you put on my blog, awwww I'm touched! Loving the new direction your work is taking, especially the tonal black and white exterior and interior designs. They look painterly. If I have one bit of constructive critisism it would be not to go too "muddy"(I have found it to be a chief critisism in any department involving paint, digital or physical) Look at some images and try to see all the mad bits of colour which go into making that image feel real. Sorry I have not been in touch for awhile, I'm back in Stockport on Friday. I have had two exhibits to help set up which I am showing work in, one has ended one has just began and deadlines are piling on hard. I have left facebook and I am thinking of other means to get in touch with people on a daily basis.