Wednesday, 1 February 2012


I think this year im going to try and treat some of my own ideas with a bit more worth. When i have alot of time .. or not alot of time, well pretty much all the time i come up with my own ideas for things like the idea for a fictional nomadic race or alien civilisations, but normally i just get bored of them after the initial passion for the idea wares off and never return to them. but ive been returning to this nomad idea a fair bit in the 2 years since i first came up with it and i think each time the quality of the idea and the concepts improves so im going to give it a try and redo a few of my ideas.

Im going to a industry convention in Stuttgart, Germany in may. This event is quite an important date whilst on my course at stoke, so im going this year and the next with the idea that criticism that i get this may will help me to prepare a better portfolio for the next year. so i need to crack on with stuff to put into a portfolio for may.

These beasties are for the Belkin idea i had a while back, a ficitional feral planet that has life.

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