Thursday, 19 January 2012


Went to my local art shop the other day for supplies and found some slightly cheaper mole skin type sketch books for sale, Ive been curious about Moleskin but spending more than a fiver on a sketch book has always been an 'alien concept' to me (what a terrible pun about concept art).

Anyway these were 3 quid for two very small sketchbooks so i gave them a try. Saw a sketchbook showcase in ImagineFX this month with Mike Corriero in it. He's one of my faviorite creature designers. Anyway he'd done this things were he asked for peeps on facebook to name an animal for him and he took the first three entries and blended them into one creature design.

I had a go at this and got Sarah to name three animals. American Beaver, Vampire Bat and Emperor Dragon Fly. I ended with something almost cute..

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