Friday, 13 May 2011


at uni we use intuso4 graphics tablets, there a bit exspensive though so im going to have to save up. for the moment im going to buy a cheap bamboo as ive got no tablet to work with which is very frustrating.

at the moment im trying to mess about with textures so i had a go at doing a soldier design for my alien race.


  1. Hey man, nothing wrong with a Bamboo.

    I use an Intuos 3, bought for cheap in the last days before the Intuos 4 launched. My nephew, now 9 (then 7) loves it so much he has a Bamboo. I've used it a bunch of times, and done a workshop with it. Great device.

    This concept sketch is one of your strongest pieces, imo. The textures are amazing and stand out in the limited palette.

  2. thanks glendon, i think half the battle with textures is actually gathering enough textures, whilst doing this i didnt really no what to use texture wise.

    ive started a new collection of textures so that next time i have a mini library of material to look through, now ive just got to wait for the new tablet.. :D