Friday, 8 April 2011


Havent posted on the blog for a while, my computer keeps crashing on me at random, several times ive tried to paint on scrotoshop and its died without any warning. Projects for uni are still going well, struggling alot with maya but apart from that its all quite easy. I was working in the studio the other day and got talking to another student who showed me a technique where you work in black, white and grey, then duplicate the image and tint the colour balance on the lower layer. When youve done this you then erase parts of the top layer to reveal the coloured layer underneath. I think it helps quite alot when conveying shadow and depth. Ive been looking at a book called Concept Design 2, its a collection of works by a talented team of artists in the USA. init they show case many works that are often accompanied by small thumbnails or WIP shots, these breif insights into the techniques and processes they employ to create their works has got me thinking that perhaps every artists ability to design is also limited by techniques that he can employ in making the design come to life? This is soemthing I will give some thought into when I have the inspiaration to jump into the unknown again. Carrying on with my quest on design im trying to flesh out a generic type alien race that could easily be integrated into a sci fi type FPS. For the moment im just focusing on thumbnails for the outline and concentrating on anatomy.

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