Wednesday, 13 October 2010


Hey folks. This blog has been a little neglected these past couple of months, so I'm gonna get back into it.
I started uni about a month ago and its going really well, the tutors are great and the stuff I'm learning is brilliant too, favorite lessons so far have been the workshops that we've been through with the artist jonny duddle.
This guy is an insanely good artist, and its been great to see how a professional go's about their work both on and off the computer.
At the moment were designing concepts for three differnt aliens of which we choose from a list of about ten differnt discriptions. really good fun.
I scanned aload of work specifically for this blog post but as usual the computer hates me, heres a couple of thumb nails and a quick sketch of a creature described as being 'an alien around caveman level.

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  1. Fantastic! Wow, I love the attitude in the last sketch.

    Glad you're back.