Sunday, 28 March 2010


Well I finally went and saw Burtons Alice, a good film, lovely visuals and very good acting. How ever I think the plot got a little too lord of the rings towards the end, with the mad hatter becoming a swordsman and alice slaying the jabber wocky..

Good film though, another Burton success. It had a unique charm too it aswell. The caterpiller and the cheshire cat are lovely characters, great voice acting aswell.

Was scribbling the other day so I thought it'd be good to get something on the blog this month. It's meant to be a curious swords man inspecting a blade. Bit of Kieth Thompson influence there.

I've also been looking at the skillful Huntsman which has been giving me quite a bit of inspiaration, i love the little black and white thumb nail sketches, they've got so much character about them.


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