Friday, 23 October 2009

update 1

A trip to northern Newcastle and life back home returns to normal.
Ive been working on a game project called realms of Renth for a couple of years now, its been the primary focus of my extra curricular activities.

information about the project can be found on their web page


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  2. 1.planet orbit local sun at similar proximty to earth, atmospherc make up almost identical, gravity X 2.0
    2.all Belkin organisms are oviparous


    amviator (semi aquatic vertebrate)
    octoamviator (semi aquatic vertebrate) (eight legs) star fish like locomotion
    aquviator (wholly aquatic vertebrate)
    terrviator (wholly terrestrial vertebrate)
    octterrviator (wholly terrestrial vertebrate) (eight legs)
    aviator (avian vertebrate)
    avaviator (wholly avian vertebrate)


    anthropod (segmented invertebrate)
    mollusc (non cartiigious invertebrates)
    fugallusc ( wholly avian inverebrates)